Emergency no.
+91771 4222999, 4222909

Accomodation and Facilities

Medishine Accomodation and FacilitiesExecutive Suite

  • No.of beds- 4

Rooms with pantry and bathrooms, centrally air conditioned, well furnished with t.v.,refrigerator,telephone, microwave, dining room and drawing room

Medishine Accomodation and FacilitiesSuper Deluxe room/
Deluxe room
  • No.of beds- 7
  • No.of beds- 7

Single accommodation bathroom, TV, Telephone, Centrally air conditioning.

Medishine Accomodation and Facilities   Semi Private Room
  • AC-4
  • NON AC-5

One room with shared patient attached bathroom and sofa-cum-bed for attendant, Telephone

Medishine Accomodation and Facilities

General Ward

  • No.of beds- 20
  • No.of beds- 10

Common bathroom piped oxygen, centrally air condintioning well furninshed with t.v.

Medishine Accomodation and FacilitiesNeurosurgery ICU
  • No.of beds- 10

Dedicated Neurosurgical ICU equipped with ICP monitoring and ventilators with highly trained nurses.

Medishine Accomodation and FacilitiesICU(Medical)
  • No.of beds- 15

Modular ICU and Monitor with Ventilator and other life saving equipments.

 Medishine Accomodation and FacilitiesICU(Surgical)
  • No.of beds- 10

Intensivist bed side monitors with ventilators.

Medishine Accomodation and FacilitiesNeonatal ICU

  • Septic- 3
  • Non-Septic- 5

Under care of Neonatal intensivist and trained staff.

Medishine Accomodation and FacilitiesStroke Unit
  • No.of beds- 8

8 dedicated beds for intensive care of stroke patients with trained staff.

Medishine Accomodation and FacilitiesCasualty ICU
  • No.of beds- 10

Equipped with latest equipments required at the time of emergency care

Medishine Accomodation and FacilitiesDialysis
  • No.of beds- 8

Equipped with world class dialysis machine and taken care by trained technicians

Medishine Accomodation and Facilities   Burn Unit
  • No.of beds - 4

4 bedded dedicated burn unit equipped with hepa filter.

Medishine Accomodation and Facilities  SICU
  • No.of beds- 10

Latest technology machines for modern medical facilities

Medishine Accomodation and FacilitiesRecovery Room
  • No.of beds- 3

4 post operation recovery beds in the OT complex with trained nurses.

Medishine Accomodation and FacilitiesConference Hall


State of art with audio visual facility for conferences and seminars and workshop.