Health Programs

Department of General and Laparoscopy surgery

Health Programme is based on the Philosophy that Health is Physical / Mental / Social and Spiritual Well being. Such Holistic Health and Academic Performance are strongly related. While care in illness is provided through Morning and Evening O.P.D. of Health Centre; Health Promotion, Prevention of Diseases and Fruitful stay is the integrated /coordinated through professional management.


Complicated lifestyle changes the order of the day as our body fights against the time and stress. Past health behavior, demographics, personality traits, social support, family functioning, ongoing contact with health providers and an individual social ecology, lifestyle change and adherence to lifestyle interventions. The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified India as one of the nation that is going to have most lifestyle disorder in the near future. Keeping this Alarm fact in mind Shri Medishine Hospital has developed three different cards- Platinum Cards, Gold Cards & Silver Cards. These cards would be valid for 3 years, Patients can avail various offers and benefits by applying for ‘‘A GIFT FOR SOMEONE YOU CARE”

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