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General & Laparoscopic surgery

General surgery, despite its name, is a surgical specialty that focuses on abdominal organs, e.g., intestines including the esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and bile ducts, and often the thyroid gland (depending on the availability of head and neck surgery specialists) and diseases involving the skin, breast, and hernias. Laparoscopy is a relatively new specialty dealing with minimal access techniques using cameras and small instruments inserted through 0.5 to 1 cm incisions. If you are looking for the best laparoscopy hospital in Raipur, visit us today. The Experienced and trained general surgeons will be in our Medishine team to perform the laparoscopic procedures.


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Dr. Suphal Kumar (MBBS, MS, General Surgery)

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Visit Shri Medishine Healthcare for the best laparoscopic treatment in Raipur, where we are dedicated to providing top-quality care to our patients using minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical techniques. Our team of expert laparoscopic surgeons specializes in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of a wide range of conditions using this advanced surgical approach.

Looking for the Best laparoscopy hospital in Raipur

Our hospital is recognized as one of the best laparoscopy hospitals in the region, with a team of highly trained and experienced laparoscopic surgeons who use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Our hospital is home to a specialized laparoscopic surgery department, where we offer a wide range of laparoscopic surgical services to treat various conditions such as hernias, gallbladder stones, appendicitis, and more. Our experienced laparoscopic surgeons perform these surgeries using minimally invasive techniques, which offer several benefits over traditional open surgeries, such as smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, and faster recovery times.

Why Choose Shri Medishine Hospital for Laparoscopic Surgery

At our laparoscopic department at Shri Medishine Raipur CG, we are committed to providing the highest standard of care to our patients. We use the latest laparoscopic surgical techniques and equipment to ensure the best possible outcomes, and our team of expert surgeons works closely with each patient to develop personalized treatment plans that address their specific needs and concerns.

If you are in need of laparoscopic surgery, we invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced laparoscopic surgeons today. With our help, you can get the care you need to treat your condition and get back to your regular routine as soon as possible.

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