Pain & Ozone Therapy Unit

Department of  Pain & Ozone Therapy Unit
"We feel your Pain and Sufferings"
  •  We will provide services to the sufferers of different kinds of pain with the help of the most modern modalities of pain management.

  •  Special attention is given by our hospital to low back ache, cancer pain, migraine & Headache and interventional pain techniques done by ozone & RF.

  •  We also want to blend the traditional Indian methods, which are recognized in the field of pain management (like meditation, yoga, pranayam etc.)

Shri Medishine Hospital will open the doors to a new pain clinic at the facility today, which will offer patients acute and chronic pain management services.


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Dr Ashit Naik (MD) Anesthesiology

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Dr. Supriti Sharma(MD Anesthesia )

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