Patient Responsibility

Patient Responsibility

These rights are balanced by responsibilities which can help the health care service providers work more efficiently. You can help yourself and Shri Medishine hospital staff if you do the following:

  •  Be on time for appointments and inform the hospital staff if you cannot keep your appointment.

  •  Hospital staffs are at your disposal to provide quality care. Help us by treating them considerately.

  •  To follow the medical instructions / advice given to you by the health care professionals. If you are worried about following the instructions, discuss it with the person giving you the same and clarify at the earliest.

  •  Respect the autonomy of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals and treat them with respect.

  •  To take only those medicines which are prescribed and finish the course of treatment as per the defined plan by your respective doctor.

  •  Accept financial responsibility for health care services and settle bills promptly.

  •  Help staff by filling feedback forms if you are asked for. Your timely feedback will help us in improving our services and better quality of health care facilities.

  •  Use emergency services in case of a real emergency only

  •  Provide complete and correct information to your physician, participate in decision making process and ask questions in case of doubts.

  •  In case of any doubts / complaints first discuss the problem with the treating doctor.

  •  Keep your doctor informed if you wish to change the hospital or treating doctor.

  •  Remember that every illness has some time period for recovery and two patients of the same illness may have different outcome.

  •  Avoid disturbing doctors at odd times unless it is an emergency.

  •  Observe policies and procedures of the hospital regarding smoking, noise, number of visitors, visiting hours, and kindly comply with the same and help us maintain infection free, hygienic and safe environment.

  •  Preserve all your medical records for your illness.

  •  Take necessary preventive measures in case of infectious disease as per doctor's instructions.

  •  Sign the informed consent form as & when required during the treatment plan.

  •  Any form of physical assault to any staff, fellow patient or visitor for any reason to be avoided.

  •  Refrain from using mobile phones.

  •  Prefer not to seek telephonic advice.

  •  Show visitor's passes, or any document that are asked for from the hospital staff during your stay in the hospital.

  •  Refrain your guests from visiting the hospital, in case they are suffering from any disease or infections.

  •  Support the hospital in maintaining clean and hygienic environment.

Customer Care support can be contacted at extn. no.- or mobile no.- for any suggestion or grievance. In case, of fire kindly contact on Extn: and raise an alarm. a

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