Why Medishine

Some of the reasons why Shri Medishine Hospitals will redefine the medical facilities in Central India

Medical Quality

Shri Medishine Hospital is an excellent surgery option for patients seeking joint replacement, particularly hip resurfacing, and replacement. It’s also strong in neurosurgery, Endoscopic surgery, skeolatal surgery, neonatal surgery.

Value for Services

It is positioned to provide value for services and will continue to do so services are provided in a most competitive cost structure.

Patient Safety and Security

Shri Medishine Hospital assigns dedicated staff representatives to the patient throughout their hospital stay and a treating physician who directly discusses procedures and outcomes before the patient leaves their home . Communication with the patient’s family physician is encouraged. Patients may stay in the hospital for their full recovery period to avoid moving to a hotel.


Every effort is extended to ensure transparency of care, from cost to outcomes data. Patients receive a portfolio of their medical file and surgery documents including CT scans, MRI and X-rays, and operative notes to take back to their home.

Attention To The Unique Needs Of The Medical Traveler

It encourages patients to use a good medical travel facilitation company to ensure proper and timely care. It offers prompt scheduling of pre-surgery preparation. It provides exemplary follow up care and services to monitor medical problems once they return home.

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