•  Heart Disease

  •  Blood Pressure

  •  Asthma

  •  Breath

  •  Sickling

  •   Snake Bite

  •   TB

  •  Meningitis

  •  BP

Central oxygen, monitor, ventilator and facilities with skilled nursing staff.

It is mandatory to have a life-saving injection within 4 hours on paralysis. Which can save the patient of paralysis. Immediately seeking medical attention and providing the appropriate treatment or intervention in the early stages can significantly improve the patient's outcome and prevent further complications.

Internal Medicine Specialists

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Dr. Anurag Agrawal (MD-General Medicine )

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Dr. Yogendra Malhotra ( MD-General Medicine )

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Dr. Neha Pagare - MD. Medicine

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One of the clinical specialties offered at Shri Medishine Hospital is Internal Medicine. The hospital boasts of exceptional Internal Medicine Specialists, including Dr. Anurag Agrawal and Dr. Yogendra Malhotra, who provide expert consultation and treatment for various medical conditions. The specialists offer a holistic approach to patient care with a focus on understanding the root cause of illnesses to provide effective treatment plans.

Patients can easily schedule appointments with Internal Medicine Specialists through the hospital's online appointment booking system. The hospital is known for its advanced emergency, featuring a well-equipped emergency and trauma center with international standard facilities that are available 24x7.

At Shri Medishine Health Care & Research Center, the emphasis on patient-centric care and high-quality medical services ensures that patients receive the best possible treatment, support, and aftercare. With a range of clinical specialties, modern infrastructure, dedicated medical professionals, and commitment to continuous improvement, Shri Medishine Multispeciality Hospital continues to set new benchmarks in healthcare across Central India.

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