Best Brain Specialist & Neurosurgeon in Raipur


The department of neuroscience includes neurosurgery, neurology, neuropsychiatry & neuro rehabilitation.


  •  Complete Neuro Trauma Unit

  •  Micro Neurosurgery

  •  Stereo Tactic Neurosurgery

  •  Endo Neurosurgery

  •  Vascular Neurosurgery

  •  Dedicated Spinal Surgery Unit

  •   Navigation Surgery

  •  Well Equipped Neuro Surgery Modular OT


The department of neurology and brain specialist has a specialized headache clinic, epilepsy clinic & movement disorder clinic. The department will also have a complete neuro lab which includes EEG, EMG, NCV, SSEP, BERA, and POLYSOMNOGRAPHY.


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Dr. Rajesh Jain (MS, Mch, FHU(JAPAN) Neurosurgeon in Raipur)

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Dr. Ashu Jain (MS, Mch Neurosurgeon in Raipur)

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Dr Akshay Baid (MS, Mch Neurosurgeon in Raipur)

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Dr Abhijeet Kumar kohat (MD,DM.)

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Raipur's Top Neurosurgeon Available for Every Patient

Want to consult the best neurosurgeon in Raipur, then you must visit Shri Medishine Hospital Raipur, where you will find highly skilled neurosurgeons specializing in spine and brain surgery.

Among the best brain surgeons in the region, our doctors have extensive experience in treating a wide range of brain conditions, including Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Brain Cancer, Mental Disorders, etc. They use advanced surgical techniques and procedures to help their patients be treated at the best level which could be needed.

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In addition to neurological deseases, Dr. Rajesh Jain is a brain specialist who has expertise in treating brain tumors, aneurysms, and other conditions affecting the brain. He understands that every patient's situation is unique and takes a personalized approach to treatment, using the latest technology and research to develop a customized plan for each patient.

The expertise of a neurosurgeon in Raipur is invaluable when it comes to diagnosing, treating, and managing brain-related conditions. These highly skilled professionals employ specialized training, surgical techniques, and personalized treatment plans to provide the best possible care. By selecting a qualified neurosurgeon, individuals can regain their health and embark on the path to recovery.

Neurosurgeons in Raipur play a crucial role in improving the quality of life for individuals with brain disorders. Through their specialized training, expertise, and advanced surgical techniques, they provide effective treatments, restore functionality, and offer hope to patients and their families.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Disorders

One of the primary responsibilities of a neurosurgeon is to diagnose and treat a wide range of brain disorders. They employ various diagnostic techniques, such as MRI scans, CT scans, and neurological exams, to accurately assess the patient's condition. Once a diagnosis is made, the neurosurgeon formulates a personalized treatment plan, which may include medication, non-surgical interventions, or surgical procedures.

Surgical Procedures and Techniques

At Shri Medishine Multispeciality Hospital, our Neurosurgeons in Raipur are highly skilled in performing intricate surgical procedures on the brain and spine. They utilize advanced techniques, such as minimally invasive surgery and image-guided surgery, to achieve precise results while minimizing trauma to surrounding tissues. These surgical interventions may involve removing brain tumors, repairing spinal deformities, treating vascular abnormalities, or alleviating nerve compression.


How long does it take to recover from brain surgery?

The recovery period after brain surgery varies depending on the type of surgery performed and the individual patient's condition. It can range from a few weeks to several months. The neurosurgeon will provide detailed instructions and monitor the progress during the recovery phase.

Are there any non-surgical treatments available for brain conditions?

Yes, depending on the specific brain condition, non-surgical treatments may be available. These can include medication, physical therapy, radiation therapy, or other non-invasive interventions. The neurosurgeon will evaluate the condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment options.

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